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We specialize in Collaborative Big Data Analytics and Visualization in Virtual Reality. Our VR platform is also being used in other verticals like Healthcare, Educations and Training.



Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone! (IBM)

Companies need to analyse this data computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions.


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Traditional analytics tools are severely restricted by the available screen real estate.

Most data is “Big”, consisting hundreds of thousands of records. Most data is “Multidimensional”, its complex and full of surprises. A 2D screen simply cannot capture the data in all its grandeur.

We need a new way to analyse and visualize this data.

What if you could IMMERSE yourself in the data and visualize it all around you in 3D using Virtual Reality. And then imagine you can interact with it while walking through it, gleaning insights and observing patterns hidden in the data. What if you could invite your colleagues into that world and collaborate together to run advanced analytics and simulate various scenarios? And finally what if you could invite your CEO or board members too, who can, from the comfort of their desks, enter the visualization on the cloud and in one glance understand the performance of the company ?

In this data driven age the success of your company's future might depend on it !


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Ever been bored on a fitness machine? Ever wondered how to get a person from a couch into a gym? Ever wanted to attract a whole new generation to improve their health? UNWORLD Reinvents the Fitness Industry – Revolutionizing the way we do Fitness! We bring a whole new World to fitness – of spectacular experience, fun gaming, competition and social networking, and performance improvement.

As our first VR product in Sports & Health, we have launched UNWORLD FITNESS, the World’s first real VR Fitness software platform. UNWORLD is where Immersive Virtual Reality meets Artificial Intelligence, where Cognitive science meets Machine learning, and where a new Ecosystem of VR fitness is formed through a global VR Fitness Network.

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The Pharmacy benefit Management (PBM) industry generates over 300 billion dollars annually. Clients of a PBM include but are not limited to self-funded employers, insurers, managed care organizations, state and federal government agencies. The client works with the PBM to decide the pharmacy benefit that it will offer, including the drugs that will be covered, the beneficiary’s cost sharing requirements, and the pharmacy network. The client then retains the PBM to administer the pharmacy benefit for its members or employees.

Using advanced Analytics and Visualization we can help clients get a better feel of the data such as Administrative Fees, Brand Ingredient Costs, Generic Ingredient Costs, Dispensing Fees etc. This will help clients design cost effective Pharmacy Plan Designs.

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Students and researchers can step into VR Environment and benefit from three-dimensional simulated situations that may be impractical or expensive to achieve for all students in real life.

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VR technology is a powerful tool in the diagnosis of various disease states, from mental conditions like schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, and traumatic brain injury to eye conditions such as glaucoma. Patients with early Alzheimer’s utilize different regions of the brain for navigating 3D virtual environments, something that can be detected using fMRI. Schizophrenic patients also have changes in the areas of the brain used when perceiving their environment.

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VR offers the possibility to be precisely adapted to the patient’s therapy and to be specific. VR environments can provide realistic training for the patient in different scenarios and phases of the rehabilitation. Patient motivation is fundamental because active cooperation of the patient is needed to achieve a more functional outcome of the therapy. Motivation can be improved by assigning a serious game format to the therapy. In this way the training activity becomes more attractive and interesting

VR amplifies a therapist’s ability to treat patients using exposure therapy, a popular technique where patients gradually relive bad experiences to decrease triggered fears.

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Virtual reality (VR) can be used to simulate rich, multimodal and highly controllable environments, which makes it a very useful technology in healthcare.

VR’s ability to simulate immersive and very detailed artificial environments makes it ideal for surgical training, which usually involves assisting experienced surgeons before gradually taking over surgeries. VR provides basic skills training in a controlled environment without supervision and free from the pressures of operating on real patients. Surgical training involving VR has been shown to decrease operating time and improve performance.

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Virtual reality (VR) has been used to manage pain and distress associated with a wide variety of known painful medical procedures. In clinical settings and experimental studies, participants immersed in VR experience reduced levels of pain, general distress/unpleasantness and report a desire to use VR again during painful medical procedures.

Investigators hypothesize that VR acts as a nonpharmacologic form of analgesia by exerting an array of emotional affective, emotion-based cognitive and attentional processes on the body’s intricate pain modulation system. While the exact neurobiological mechanisms behind VR’s action remain unclear, investigations are currently underway to examine the complex interplay of cortical activity associated with immersive VR.

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New virtual-reality technologies, which can pull in imagery and data from multiple sources, have the potential to more dramatically affect patient outcomes. In clinical trials, some virtual-reality simulations reduced surgical planning time by 40% and increased surgical accuracy by 10%.

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Today’s children are more far tech-savvy than any other generation. As a teacher you may find that your students are more familiar with technology than you and will be teaching you a few things! So accept that today’s generation is tomorrow’s future technologists and computer scientists and engage with them via this medium sooner rather than later. Virtual Reality, the latest technology to emmerge is a great fit to kids and education

Children who enjoy using this technology and have fun with it but are also engaged in learning as well. This is a highly visual way of teaching children about how things work as well as being able to express themselves. They can perform a range of tasks or activities which have an end goal but always with the emphasis on fun and enjoyment.

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We create immersive experiences which immerse the customer in the messaging of your brand. Immersive VR solves a huge problems marketers have around engagement and awareness for the following reasons:

- Immersive – users wearing a headset are completely immersed in the content meaning fewer distractions and more attention on the message.

- Impactful – the intensity of a VR experience is greater than traditional media generating strong emotions in its users which are linked to real behaviour change.

Memorable – our brains are built to remember events linked to locations, this means that VR experiences have a longer trace in the audience’s memory.

- Novel – with high media and public interest in VR early adopters can benefit from favourable media exposure.

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360 Video

We can create 360 Videos playable on low cost headsets like the Google Cardboard

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360 Videos

360 Virtual Reality travel videos made for the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Zeiss VR One, Google Cardboard, and HTC Vive. We create travel videos that deliver the feeling of being there. This is known as 'presence' in vr.

360 degree video cameras are placed at travel destinations around the world.each 360 degree panoramic vr video is about 13 - 18 minutes in length. Each scene is about 1 minute long. You see your travel destination as it is in reality. Sit back in your swivel chair, relax and enjoy the panoramic scenery.

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This powerful technique uses software to convert a set of photographs into a true 3D environment and a user can step right in using Virtual Reality glasses

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